6 Sleep-Away Summer Camp Essentials

Summer is here and now is the time for you and your little ones to start thinking about what to pack for any upcoming sleep-away camp trips. If your kids are heading out to camp this summer, here are a couple of items to pack in their bags for the trip away from home.

Quick Dry Towel

A regular beach towel might be nice, but you never know who’s accidentally going to be pushed into a lake right after a shower! Quick dry towels are great for sleep-away camps because you can just wring your towel dry and you’ll be ready to use it again. This also avoids a big bulky towel in the laundry bag when the time comes.

External Battery Charger

If your camp allows cell phones, definitely pack an extra battery. Several kids may be sharing two outlets, and this may be the only chance they’re getting any electrical devices charged. The external battery charger is great for any USB powered device, like a bedside lamp, a small portable fan or speakers for music.

Travel-Friendly Card Games

Many summer camps have jam-packed schedules, but there’s often some free time to fill. This is a great opportunity for card games, or other simple travel games to play with each other – without any screens or electronics!

HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle

Water is necessary at every summer camp! The HYDAWAY bottle is a fun and unique water bottle that lies flat when empty so packing it is a breeze. It fits easily into pockets and backpacks: great for hikes or just chilling out by the campfire. In lots of fun colors, your kids will love their HYDAWAY bottle.


A bandana can be very helpful in many situations: from keeping sweat out of your eyes to dust away from your mouth. Douse it in water and it can help you keep cool if it’s really hot.

Pre-Addressed  Letters Home

No matter how long summer camp may be, sending your kids away for a period of time can leave you missing them a whole lot more than you anticipated. Give them a way to write home, especially if cell phones aren’t allowed. Make it easy for them by making a pre-addressed envelope with a stamp on it,  so all they have to do is write the letter and pop it in the mailbox.

Summer camp is a great experience for your kids to enjoy while you get some time for yourself. Pack a couple of these things to ensure that your children have a smooth summer camp journey. Happy Summer from all of us at HYDAWAY!

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