Traveling with your pet using HYDAWAY water bottles and dog bowls

How to Keep Your Pet Happy, Healthy, and Hydrated During Travel

Americans love their dogs, and during the height of the pandemic, adoption rates for puppies went through the roof. During isolation, a lot of us became understandably closer to our pets. Now that life has returned to normal, it’s also normal that you’d want your new best friend by your side when you step back out into the world for a vacation, or just a walk around town.

Fall–with pleasant weather and off-season travel deals– is the best time for traveling with our beloved pets. More than ever, Americans are taking their fur babies everywhere with them; on hikes, staycations, road trips – even on flights. Whether you plan a far-off trip or just want to embrace the great outdoors with your furry family member, it’s imperative our animal pals stay just as happy, healthy, and hydrated as we do.

Unfortunately, pets can’t talk (if only!) and they aren’t able to tell us when they’re hungry, thirsty, tired, or in need of a good runaround. It’s up to us to make sure their needs are met when we’re on the go. Offering the chance for frequent exercise and supplying water and food using HYDAWAY’s Everyday Carry (EDC) bowls and cups means a happy pet, an easier journey, and less waste.

Dog drinking from HYDAWAY Collapsible Bowls Cups

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when you and your pet travel together.

Prepping for the Trip

Heading out on a road trip or flight with your canine or feline? Make sure you prep them properly to ensure a smooth trip. It’s recommended you feed your pet a light meal 2-4 hours prior to hopping in the car or boarding a plane. While it may be instinct to feed your pet a hearty meal prior to travel, try to refrain from doing this. Like us, animals can get motion sickness, and a woozy, overstuffed stomach makes our pets uncomfortable, too.

Staying Fit & Healthy

If you and your furbaby are taking advantage of shoulder season flights this season, making sure your travel companion stays comfortable is key to a successful trip. First, make sure you know the airline rules for flying with your pet. Some pets–if small enough–can fly in the cabin with you if they fit in a carrying case. Bigger dogs might be eligible to go into the climate-controlled cargo hold. Regardless of how your pet flies, make sure you give them plenty of time to exercise before getting on the plane, and after you arrive.

Taking a road trip with your pooch is another fun way to enjoy each other’s company. Since you’ll be taking snack and water breaks, allow a few extra minutes for your pup to run and stretch their legs.

Even if you don’t have big plans to get out of town, walking the neighborhood or hitting the trails is a great way to spend time with your dog. Depending on the breed, age, size, and health, dogs need anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise every day. And of course, they need to refuel afterwards. Dogs need about 1 ounce of fluid per pound of body weight, so a 16 pound dog needs about 1 cup of water every day. It doesn’t sound like very much, but keep in mind they might want more than that if the weather is hot or the exercise is especially vigorous. Fill a collapsible water bottle and slide an EDC bowl or cup into your pocket for easy pet hydration when you’re out and about.

Staying Full & Hydrated

Dog drinking from HYDAWAY Collapsible dog cup bowl

If you’ve traveled in an airplane before, you know how dehydrated you can feel after a long flight. Drinking plenty of fluids is key to staying hydrated, and making sure our pets stay hydrated is even more important than their exercise routine. Well-hydrated dogs have bright eyes and moist gums. If you see sunken eyes and “sticky” gums, your dog may be dehydrated.

Store a few Everyday Carry bowls and cups in your carry-on luggage and keep your collapsible water bottle at the ready. Many airports are making the effort to shift to more sustainable practices, and you’ll find refill water stations in many major hubs. Fill your bottle and  make hydration stops for both you and your pet.

If you’re road tripping, resist the urge to save time and feed your pet in the car. Pack snacks and water in an easy to access place and plan periodic stops to let your pet get out of the car and have a little food and water. Your EDC cups and bowls will come in handy here! Just unfold, fill, and collapse back down when you’re done for an easy, safe, and efficient way to refuel on the go.


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The items in our new Everyday Carry Series are our most lightweight and portable creations yet. Similar to our signature water bottles and tumblers, Everyday Carry bowls, pints, and cups easily compress into a 1-inch disk, and can be used in a variety of eating and drinking situations. Crafted from BPA-free, food-grade silicone and a double-wall stainless steel rim that are both non-toxic and durable, EDC products save space in your bag, and expand in an instant to hold food and beverages. Most importantly, they eliminate the use of single-use bottles, to-go cups, and containers.

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