Planning a vacation post pandemic

A Guide to Embracing Adventure Travel Post-Pandemic

Gone are the days of taking conventional vacations…

Now that the coronavirus pandemic is mostly behind us, travelers’ desires have shifted towards getting outdoors and back in touch with nature – likely a result from months of lockdowns, border closures, and stay-at-home orders.

Adventure travel has always taken a backseat to the more traditional holiday, but now, this niche market is emerging as the future of travel and the revival of tourism. Subsets of adventure travel – such as ecotourism and health and wellness tours – are also attracting more people than ever before, proving that traveler priorities have shifted towards different styles of travel that support a more sustainable and responsible existence.

Grab your gear!

Two air travelers checking in with HYDAWAY collapsible water bottles travel cases and backpacks

Embrace adventure travel with an open mind, inquisitive spirit, and of course, the right gear. At HYDAWAY, we wholeheartedly support your travel endeavors with gear that’s made for traveling light and consciously. Pack your collapsible water bottle to stay hydrated and save on buying one-time use plastic bottles, store it in a handy travel case when not in use, and then stow them both in a collapsible backpack – our newest product that launched this month!

Now that you’re packed and ready to get back out there, check out this guide for the best ways to travel adventurously in 2023.


Hikers survey their surroundings

There’s nothing quite like pure alpine air on a multi-day trek to inspire your traveling spirit. Hiking and walking were considered the safest activities during the height of COVID-19, and thus, a new wave of novice hikers was born. Even with the pandemic in the rear-view, a trip built around trekking takes adventure travel to new heights and people are here for it. Whether you join the ranks of backyard trailblazers, thru-hikers who take on the Pacific Crest Trail, or wanderlusters who tackle bucket-list conquests like Everest Base Camp in Nepal, hiking is one of the most popular adventure travel activities.

Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to use your collapsible backpack!


Adventure explorer traveler man use cellular phone with internet connection in wild mountain place during travel excursion with off road black car and tent on the roof - free people concept

Costa Rica is the leader of the pack when it comes to ecotourism, a movement focused on creating local employment opportunities and reducing the negative impact tourism can have on the environment. The Central American nation is known for hosting a number of eco-lodges and wellness retreat centers. While eco-lodges are dedicated to minimizing their carbon footprint, wellness centers tend to take it one step further by offering guests different opportunities to nourish their mind, body, and spirit. Costa Rica’s lush jungle, iconic cloud forests, 26 national parks, and pristine coastlines make the most serene environment for yoga and meditation retreats, nature exploration, bird watching, trekking, surfing, and scuba diving. Getting out of touch with the daily grind and back in touch with Pura Vida couldn’t be easier.

A reusable, refillable water bottle fits right in with the ecotourism narrative that Costa Rica (and other countries like Thailand, Iceland, and Kenya) is pioneering.


Packing your suitcase for a safari

Getting up-close and personal with the world’s largest game animals in the bush screams “adventure.” A trip to Africa to go on safari pushes the personal and geographic limits and lies outside many travelers’ comfort zones. Safari-goers – with their cameras and binoculars – essentially replace irresponsible hunters and poachers that were wreaking havoc on the land. The result is getting to see lions, tigers, giraffes, hippos, and many more in their natural environment, while knowing your presence (i.e., money) goes towards preserving Africa’s land and protecting its native animals from harm. Make sure you do your research and book with an outfit that truly supports responsible safari tourism. And don’t forget your sustainable HYDAWAY travel gear!


A person gazes from their overland vehicle into the wilderness

Getting off the beaten path takes on a whole new meaning with overlanding. This type of adventure travel is done in 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles and entails driving through remote and rugged stretches of road (and sometimes, off-road). Hotels and hot showers typically aren’t part of the experience–it’s more about enjoying the journey than getting to where you’re going. With so much time spent off grid, in tents, and off-roading, overlanding is an unforgettable way to travel. Overland trips can be multinational or multi-town, booked through professional outfits or taken on solo–it depends on duration, preference, and comfort level. For some inspiration, check out one of the best-known overland trips, the Pan-American Highway.

However you choose to travel, and wherever you choose to go, HYDAWAY makes essential gear that’s portable, convenient, and – most importantly – sustainable. Stock up on our adventure travel products before your next trip to ensure you leave no trace on the trails you blaze.

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