Don’t Just Hydrate, Stand Out: Diving into the World of HYDAWAY Color

Here at HYDAWAY, we take a lot of inspiration from the world around us. Our collapsible water bottles were inspired by the experiences we’ve had, the places we’ve been and all of the little bits and bites of life we see every day — and we want to share all of this inspiration with you. 

Our new line of 21 oz HYDAWAY bottles are inspired by the things we see every day and the colors that make our life vibrant and bright. We wanted to invite you into our design process and take a peek into what goes behind creating such a unique product. 

Introducing our new colors:


Inspired by the bold. For the people who burn hot and fierce, or glow with passion. The Fire bottle is inspired by smoldering embers and crunchy Autumn leaves. Great for those who love a little extra spice in their life, the fire bottle is a perfect mix of color and practicality.


The Tangerine is the perfect bottle for those who are a little sweet and a little bit sassy. Inspired by the zesty tangerine and bright like the golden poppy, this bottle adds a little bit of zing to your step throughout the day.


For those who are always growing and thriving in life, the Bamboo bottle brings you natural zen. Inspired by the durable and quick growing bamboo and the lush green of thick forests, the Bamboo bottle is full of vitality. Like plants, it’s best when hydrated!


Inspired by the gentle, calming tide of the ocean and the joyful flight of a Scrub-Jay, the Bluebird bottle is perfect for those who love to go with the flow. Energized with crashing waves and the color of a perfect spring sky, the Bluebird bottle will inspire you to cherish the little things in life.


For the cheery and bubbly, the Rose colored bottle is inspired by the blushing brightness of summer. The Rose colored bottle is ideal for those who want to bring the glowing flush of life with them wherever life whisks them to.

If you’re looking for a more colorful and vibrant water bottle, one of our new HYDAWAY bottles is the perfect fit. Not only does it give you the opportunity to add a little color in your life, but the collapsible bottle also offers you the flexibility to bring a bottle with you everywhere you go. The unique collapsible features of the HYDAWAY means you can have hydration with you throughout your life’s experiences.

Be on the lookout for Part 2 of our HYDAWAY Color Series – the Classic colors will be coming soon!

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