How the HYDAWAY Team Reduces Plastic Waste

It’s Plastic Free July and we’ve asked the HYDAWAY team how they reduce their plastic waste in their everyday lives. Read below to get inspired and learn how you can implement these tactics into your daily routine too!

Use reusable shopping bags every time. If I forget, I park the cart and go get them or hand carry the groceries out. Every time.

I’m picky about what containers are used in food packaging. Some jars look like glass but are plastic. Glass is more easily recycled. Aluminum and cardboard/paperboard are the best choices for recyclability.

Teaching the three R’s to my kids so they grow up with an understanding of their impact on our planet. Strong emphasis on the Reduce and Reuse aspects. Recycling is not happening like many people think.

Bring reusable water bottles and cups, straws, and cutlery on every road trip and even around town. Saying no thank you when presented with a straw or plastic accessories. It’s not offensive to say no.”
– Niki, HYDWAY Founder.


“HiBAR rocks my curls, Simply Straws for our glasses, Bamboo toothbrushes, Little Seed Farm for our deodorant (served up in glass pots), Dropps for our laundry and dish detergent, Who Gives A Crap, who avoids plastics in packaging for our TP, bar body soap from local sources, reusable bags from multiple sources, HYDAWAY for our hydration needs, mason jars for storage, and we are consistently looking for more ways to reduce the plastics in our life ♥️
– Sara, HYDAWAY Ambassador 
“When traveling or on a picnic I love using bees wax cloths and cute dish towels instead of plastic baggies. Basically I just pretend that I live in a pre-Tupperware world and so it’s easier to not use plastic lol”
– Jiross, HYDAWAY Ambassador 
“Mason jars for as much as possible. Wool balls in the dryer. Biodegradable earth friendly poop bags for the doggy. Reusable bags. Chicago is allowing them again now. Carrying my own straw.”
– Dana, HYDAWAY Ambassador 

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