Meet the HYDAWAY Kids Bottle: Playful and Packable

Introducing the HYDAWAY Kids bottle – bright and fun collapsible hydration specifically for the little ones!

With eye-catching colors like Very Berry, Cool Breeze and Hot Lava, kids will want all three and parents love that its always within reach and promotes healthy H20 habits for youngsters. The creative base design offers a label space to personalize the bottle with your kiddo’s name, just in case it’s left behind at the playground or school cafeteria. Heard enough? You can buy the bottle here.

But there’s more. The stable base and tapered body provides an easy grip that’s soft and fun to use. The flip-up straw is great for quick sips and the bottle is leakproof when the straw and lid are fully closed.

The bottle flattens down to just over an inch thick when fully collapsed. It can be easily stashed in a backpack, lunchbox, pocket or diaper bag. It’s the perfect partner for your little one’s everyday, on-the-go hydration.

The HYDAWAY kids bottle is designed for ages 3-8 and keeps parents happy with FDA-certified safe and nontoxic materials. It holds 12oz when full and is ultra-stashable for active lives and busy schedules. With three unique colors, it’s hard to pick just one. And for older kids, our 21oz bottles are just as fun and still offered in a range of unique colors. Learn more and purchase one on our shop page!

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