7 Outdoor Date Ideas for Adventurous Couples

If you’re like me, you think that Hallmark movies are cheesy and set completely unrealistic expectations. Rather than dinner and a movie, my family is choosing to opt outside this Valentines’ Day. Here are a few of the most romantic recommendations for all the other adventurous couples out there. 

Visit a National Park

There’s a reason this one is at the top of the list.  National Parks are a treasure and there are 62 of them for you to explore! I do recommend planning for this one ahead of time. Many of these parks are huge and can require multiple days to see everything. Additionally, some of these parks are in in remote or extreme climates and may require you to purchase some additional gear.  Here are some recommendations!  

Take a Hike

Hikes are the most underrated date idea ever.  Find a hike with a gorgeous view point. Nothing is more romantic than sharing an incredible view with your date. Also, it’s a completely free option. I use the AllTrails app to find the best hikes near me. 

Go on a Ski Trip

No new friends on a powder day, unless they’re your Valentine, then you can make an exception.

If your date is new to the sport, this one may be a bit optimistic. But if they’re willing to try something new for you, then you’ve likely found a keeper!

Be prepared for your date to love it and if they don’t, then there’s always apres’ ski. 

Campout in the Backyard

If you want the romantic vibes of a campsite but still need the luxuries of having a bathroom and shower – this one’s for you! Turn off your phones, hide the tv remote from yourselves, and enjoy a night under the stars. 

Watch the Sunrise

Waking up at 4am might not sound exciting, but I promise this one is worth it! Do some research on what time the sunrise is in your location and then pick your spot! If you’re lucky enough to be on the coast, head to the beach. A river, lake, or even the city skyline can also be incredibly romantic. 

Go Rock Climbing

Go Rock ClimbingBouldering is a great way for you and your partner to support and learn from one another. You also will see how each of you handles problem solving in difficult situations.

If you’re both up for the challenge, hearing your partners’ words of encouragement might just help you get to the top! This one is also surprisingly budget friendly. All you need to do is rent some shoes, grab a water bottle and you’re set!


Have a Bonfire at the Beach

If you’re fortunate enough to live on the ocean, this one is my favorite!

Just make sure you do your research to find out bonfire regulations or if required permits are at your local beaches.

Some beaches also have designated fire pits. Sometimes, these are first-come, first served, so be sure to get there early!

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