Eco-Friendly Back to School Essentials

This is a guest blog post by Hydaway ambassador and computer tech specialist Gwen Stephens. Follow her on Instagram @gwenstephens08.
It’s that time of year again, Back To School! To me, this is more of a fresh start than New Year’s Day. Whether you have your first kiddo starting kindergarten or your last one heading off to college, this time of year is all about new beginnings. I love the excitement of this time of year; it’s so contagious and just makes me smile!
There are really so many things to love about Back To School season, whether you’re headed back to school or just back to the office. In this blog, I will be highlighting my favorite eco-friendly essentials for back to school.
Back to school shopping

New Fall Wardrobe

New clothes, new shoes! Even if you’re not heading back to school this time of year, it’s a great excuse to pick up some new stuff to spice up your wardrobe. Add some new staples and just a few on-trend items to keep your look fresh.
Sustainability pro tip: skip the mall and opt for a thrift or consignment store instead.
My favorite consignment stores in the United States are:
You’re guaranteed to find someone of a kind pieces all while knowing you’re helping the Earth. Win-win!

New Lunch Box and Backpacks

These are a must for the start of a new school year. Don’t leave yourself out! Get a stylish new lunch bag to make brown-bagging a bit more fun and a lot more environmentally friendly. Bringing your own lunch is also a great way to eat healthier and save money! If you don’t already pack your lunch, this is a great time of year to start. Think of all the crisp apples fresh from the orchard and hearty soups from your crockpot you’ll get to enjoy during a long day at work!

My favorite eco-friendly backpacks brands are:


Reusable Water Bottle

Don’t forget about a new water bottle to go with your favorite new lunch bag. Grab a Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle to throw in your bag with your leftovers! Hydaway comes in different sizes and colors, so you can be sure everyone gets one that reflects their personality and hydration needs.
Bonus: the teachers will appreciate the Hydaway bottle since it doesn’t make any noise when it gets dropped on the floor! Better yet, grab an extra Hydaway bottle for the teacher or your boss. You’ll be an instant favorite!
 back to school supplies

School Supplies

What’s not to love about new notebooks, markers, and pens? The fun doesn’t have to stop after you’ve finished school. After you pick up the necessary supplies for the kiddos, grab yourself some new desk accessories. Work just feels more fun when you have cool new stuff to use.
Back to school shoes

New shoes

I know I said it already, but new shoes are the ultimate treat. Grab a dressy pair and a pair for working out. As hot, sticky summer days turn into cool, crisp autumn afternoons and evenings, now is the time to break out the trainers and get in some great walks.
My favorite eco-friendly shoe brands are:
Just remember it’s the return of routine. Embrace the return of a more normal routine as the kids head back to school and bedtimes are no longer dictated by the sun, but rather the clock. The set bedtime isn’t just for the youngsters though; put yourself on a schedule for sleep and wake. You may be a bit tired at first, but your body will thank you!
Now, when is that bus pick-up on the first day of school? Has someone already planned the Back To School parents brunch for the first day? If not, get right on that and you’re guaranteed a spot on the Best Parents Ever list.
In conclusion, I hope you found this thing for back to school helpful and encourage you to think eco-friendly while shopping.

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