Top Hacks For Budgeting A Vacation

By: Jessi Daly

“I’m on vacation, I’m treating myself!” I’ve said it many, many times to myself- any excuse to spend a few extra bucks while I’m on vacation. For most, a vacation is a luxury, it’s not on the agenda every other weekend. We have to save to take these trips typically; and it’s easy to go a little card-swiping crazy when you’re enjoying yourself with minimal responsibilities, right? But we can avoid that! There are ways to monitor your spending so when you get back home, you’re not stressing to pick up every shift available at work to make up for the extra margaritas and airport t-shirts you just had to have.

In this blog, we will be sharing the top hacks for budgeting a vacation so your money can go further.

First off… set a budget:
Look closely at your finances. Once you have the money to get to your destination, have a place to stay, have activities planned, etc… make sure you have enough money to shop around and go out! If you’re satisfied with the amount of money you have for the trip, physically write down what you’re allowing yourself to spend on everything, and stick with it! No if’s, and’s, or but’s. Remember to tell yourself, “I WILL live without that oversized Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt that this street vendor is trying to convince me I need…” because guess what, you will! Stick to your budget no matter what. Some great budgeting apps are Mint, PocketGuard, and Wally.

Go to the grocery store ASAP:
It’s so easy to go out to eat every meal while you’re on vacation, and it’s fun! So definitely enjoy some good eats while you’re out and about. However, when it comes to snacking and quick meals, your wallet will benefit immensely if you head to the grocery store right away. Be sure to grab some essentials to have at your hotel, air b&b, etc. This will eliminate the need to spend a quick $10 on a small meal to hold you over throughout the day. This is a simple, but easy way to budget while on a vacacation.

Catch public transport:
Depending on where you’re traveling too, this may be a huge money-saver. So many tourists are eager to just grab an Uber (if available) but that can really add up before you even notice. A few trips around the town could be a very pretty penny that you weren’t ready for. By trams, buses, etc., your bank account will thank you. Google Maps or Rome2Rio is a great way to see the public transit options.

Skimp on souvenirs:
You’ll probably find a few pieces here and there that you want to bring back home for memories- and that’s fine. But, chances are, you probably don’t need every single t-shirt and snowglobe you see. Before your trip, set a very strict and small budget for any “meaningful souvenirs” and essentials. Say “no” to the extra-large sombrero that won’t fit on your carry-on.

Hang like a local:
If you’re traveling somewhere that is typically pretty tourist-heavy, consider hanging with the locals! There’s a good chance that the prices are all racked up beyond belief. Seek some tips from people who have traveled to the same location and get recommendations on food and activities, or meet some new friends from around the area and get their opinions on the best places to hang and get the biggest bang for your buck! Tripadvisor is a great resource, plus check blogs for budget traveling help.

It’s easy to spend money when you’re having a blast and not thinking about where you’re swiping your card, but no one likes to come home to an empty bank account. No one wants their vacation memories to be haunted by the debt following afterward, right? Keep these tips and tricks in mind to keep you and your wallet happy as ever. Reply below and share some of your top tips and tricks!

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