The Best Collapsible Water Bottle For Travel

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If you like to travel, you have no doubt encountered the tricky situation of staying properly hydrated as you move through airports, security checks, taxis, trains, buses, and whatever else your journey might throw at you. Sure, you could just rely on there being something to drink where ever you go if you don’t mind paying a premium for it. You could decide to instead to carry a water bottle with you, but you’ll quickly discover the hassle of unpacking and emptying it to make it through airport security or lugging it around empty your entire trip and only occasionally making use of it.

Fortunately, there is a better way. For those concerned with staying properly hydrated and minimizing what they pack, the HYDAWY collapsible bottle provides a brilliant solution for traveling.  With hardly any of the challenges that come from carrying a run-of-the-mill rigid water bottle, the collapsible bottle fits itself perfectly to the needs of the modern traveler – airport security included.

Staying Hydrated No Matter The Circumstance

If you’ve packed a traditional water bottle of any size, your trip through the security check at the airport can be that much more complicated. Since regulations allow only empty bottles, you always have to make sure the bottle is out of your bag and clearly on display for agents to make sure it’s empty. Sending your bottle in your bag through the scanner can jam up the line as they require you to remove it from the bag and inspect it – a hassle for everybody.

But you’re thirsty. You don’t want to get to the gate and find yourself price-gouged for a wasteful $4 bottle of water – that is no way to start a trip, business or pleasure! Plus there are adding to the 481.6 billion plastic water bottles used every year. You could hydrate yourself at a water fountain, which might be a great short-term solution, but you know as soon as you get on that plane your thirst will be at the mercy of the flight attendants and their tiny, unsatisfying plastic cups of water.

Enter with an HYDAWAY Collapsible Bottle or Tumbler. Capable of collapsing down to a disc only 1 and a quarter inches tall, the HYDAWAY is small enough to fit in your pocket or add virtually zero extra burdens to your backpack or purse. When folded up and slipped inside your carry-on, the HYDAWAY is unlikely to attract any attention from security at all, so as soon as you’ve made it into the terminal you can fill it up at the next convenient water fountain, expanding it to carry a full 17 or 25 ounces to keep you hydrated on your flight.hydaway water bottle down

An Empty Bottle is a Tiny Bottle

If you’ve ever carried around a big stainless steel water bottle on a long journey, you probably know what a hassle it can be to secure it to or in your bag, carry it around by hand, and constantly have something bulky and potentially pretty heavy when full weighing you down where ever you go. The bulk is not just a hassle when you’re actually traveling, but also reduces the utility of your bottle. You don’t want to go out sightseeing carrying around your massive bottle, so despite the fact you lugged it all the way from home, you might still find yourself wasting your hard-earned money on bottles of water or beverages. This saves money but also makes it the most collapsible water bottle for travel.

Instead of all this hassle, the collapsible bottle is as easy to take with you like your wallet or phone. Just slip it into your pocket, and when thirst arises find a place to fill it up! Take advantage of the massive portability potential of having a 21oz bottle you can fit in your pocket by swearing off beverages in disposable bottles and unnecessary splurging on sugary drinks – when the temptation strikes, just expand your HYDAWAY and go for some refreshing H2O. You’ll save money, build healthy hydration habits, and do your part for the environment by minimizing waste production!

Relief From Over Packing

When empty, the HYDAWAY bottle weighs a mere 6 ounces. Compare this to a 21oz stainless steel water bottle, which weighs about twice that much at around ~12oz when empty while offering the same capacity. The much more dramatic comparison comes with volume rather than carrying capacity: where the HYDAWAY collapses to an inch and a half in height, your 21oz stainless steel bottle is bound to be at least ten to twelve inches tall, depending on the brand and lid.

If you’re anything like me, packing is a sort of Tetris challenge to cram maximum utility into minimal space. As someone who considers a water bottle (and proper hydration!) of extreme importance, I’ve been lugging around water bottles on my travels for as long as I can remember.

Ditching the old-school water bottles when space is tight is now my first go-to when I need to get some more space in my bags. Whether I just need some more room to pack particular objects or just enjoy easing the burden that much more in terms of weight and bulk, saving so much space for no real sacrifice in functionality is a definite win.

What would you prefer? Having a giant water bottle you carry around for your entire trip, or having some extra space in your carry-on to bring back a souvenir you might cherish for the rest of your days?

bottle in bag

Try It

If, after reading this article, you find yourself toting around your regular old water bottle and encounter a collapsible HYDAWAY Bottle on display in a travel shop, you’ll probably be green with envy as soon as you see just how much of a difference there really is in portability. Seeing is definitely believing, and a side-by-side comparison of the delightfully diminutive size of the HYDAWAY compared to the bulk of a traditional bottle will make the choice immediately obvious for any travel enthusiast with a keen eye for packing light.

Even if a water bottle isn’t something you would typically consider traveling with, collapsible bottles can change your perspective. As the author of the blog Hydration Anywhere, I’ve gone through a ton of water bottles. In our Best Water Bottles 2017 article, we named the HYDAWAY the #1 collapsible water bottle on the market for travel.. What I can definitely say about the HYDAWAY is that it stands apart from the crowd of typical water bottles, distinguishing itself as something a few steps ahead of the pack when it comes to innovation.

With a water bottle so compact and lightweight, it becomes almost a question of why wouldn’t you pack one, rather than a debate about the merits of lugging around a traditional bottle. You can guarantee that whether your journey is long or short, you’ll find yourself in need of quenching your thirst.


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