The Craziest Travel Trends of 2018

Technology is constantly advancing and travel is becoming more accessible to the average person. But you knew that, didn’t you? What you may not know about are all the new and innovative ways for travelers to enjoy their trips. While some new trends have made traveling much more convenient, like Airbnb, others may seem a bit crazy.

In this blog, we will be sharing the craziest travel trends for 2018.

Capsule hotel in Japan.

Capsule Hotel Rooms

If you’re looking for the absolute bare minimum in terms of housing, a capsule (or pod) hotel could be an option for you. Developed in Japan, capsule hotel rooms are created to provide travelers with the most basic necessities for an overnight stay. While some may be deterred because of the morgue-style sleeping arrangements, this option is great for travelers who only need an affordable place to stay for the night.


Pet Pampering

Many travelers leave their pets at home while away on vacation, but it can still be difficult to leave your furry friends behind. Now you don’t have to! With many pet-friendly hotels popping up, high-end resorts are going above and beyond to create a vacation for pets as well. For example, Nemacolin Woodlands in Pennsylvania offers dogs a state-of-the-art grooming salon and specific areas designated for pets to run free. Vacation for Fido? Check!


Photo Source: Napcabs

Nap Pods

What do you do when you get stuck with a long layover in the airport? You sleep…or at least you try to. Ever wish you could snooze peacefully while you wait for your next flight? Introducing the nap center! Designed to give weary travelers a chance to get some shut-eye before their next flight, nap pods are paid for by the hour. These can come in a variety of different styles from a futuristic chair to a capsule-style chamber, similar to a capsule hotel room.


Blue swimming pool water and palm trees near the sea. Summer vacations in tropical resort.

Technology Free Resorts

It’s hard to break free of the habit of being constantly plugged in. This is why some resorts decide to go technology-free, encouraging people to unplug and enjoy their vacation. For example, the Travaasa Hana resort in Maui doesn’t provide any TVs, clocks, or radios within guest’s rooms to provide the most leisurely experience possible. Talk about pure relaxation! Here a list of our favorite tech-free resorts.


More Travel Gear in 2018

Entrepreneurial travelers brought us some amazing ideas, like the Away Suitcase that provides an internal battery that can charge your phone or laptop, the Scrubba Portable Wash Bag, and of course, HYDAWAY the collapsible water bottle. As travel gear gets more innovative, it’s solving the challenges we face when on the go.

What do you think about these new trends? Tell us in a comment below!

We’re looking forward to seeing what other crazy and innovative travel ideas are in store for us in 2018. Have safe and fun travels, from all of us at HYDAWAY!

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