HYDAWAY’S Earth Day Trail Project

With a nice day in the forecast and a busy week in the rearview mirror. Our crew at HYDAWAY packed up shovels, water bottles, and hiking boots to spend Earth Day giving back to our local community at the popular Steelhead Falls Trailhead and Campground. HYDAWAY was founded with a mission to play a meaningful role in reducing global disposable waste by providing practical, reusable, and convenient hydration solutions.

So for Earth Day, we decided what better way to get out and make a small difference than by rolling up the sleeves, getting dirty, and leaving a popular hiking spot better than we found it. In this blog, this is how we celebrated Earth Day.

steelhead falls, middle deschutes river

Steelhead Falls is a well-loved area and some of the negative impacts of heavy use have taken a toll on the trails and campground. Activities for the cleanup included trail maintenance, packing out the trash, planting flowers and native plants, and removing noxious weeds.

With a hearty group of 30+ volunteers, we met early, divided into groups, and set to work. A lucky group of 10 volunteers even received their own HYDAWAY bottle as extra thanks for ditching the plastic bottles and donating their time to the event.

One of the day’s highlights was moving loads of basketball-sized rocks via wheel barrels down the steep trails to the falls to build erosion blocks and close off undesirable secondary trails that creep up from overuse. We had a great time helping clean up one of our favorite trails in Oregon, and we’re super grateful for the help of the community around us.

We’re glad to be a part of a community that supports our efforts to help our planet not just on Earth Day, but daily. There are a lot of choices that you can make every day, from choosing a reusable bottle over a disposable one, to spending your day helping the Earth bit by bit.

From all of us at HYDAWAY, thank you for helping keep the planet green.


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