Plastic-Free Halloween Lunchbox Ideas For Kids

What’s a parent to do when Halloween is creeping up and creating the perfect, Instagram-worthy, festive school lunch for your kiddos seems like an impossibly daunting task? You’re lucky to get your kid dressed and out the door before the school bus leaves them behind; how on Earth are you supposed to have the time to make such an elaborate meal that may or may not get eaten, right? Not to mention you’d probably like their lunch to be fairly healthy and low on waste and plastic packaging.

Here at Hydaway, we totally understand your frustrations and are here to help. We’ve scoured the Internet to bring you some super simple, quick, and healthy Halloween recipes that you’ll be happy to include in your child’s lunch bag during this spooky season. Don’t forget to throw a Hydaway bottle in there to keep them hydrated!

Pumpkins in Disguise

kids oranges

Kilee at One Little Momma shared this insanely simple idea that we just couldn’t pass up for lunch kid ideas. You could also create the same concept on a cup of fruit or turn string cheese into a skinny ghost, but we love that these oranges are plastic-free! If you’re working on having your little one make their own lunch, making these together is a great way to get them involved and excited about packing their snacks.

Spooky Cheese

spooky chees

Dig out those cookie cutters and opt for something a little less sugary and a lot more…cheesy! Your kids will be eager to behead the ghost, chop the stem off the pumpkin, and impale the wings of the bat. These are a fun Halloween lunchbox idea. Plus are extra cute if you add a face to the ghost! Try poppy seeds, sesame seeds, or black sprinkles. Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for the great idea and photo.

Pumpkin Guts

Pumkin seed pancake

If you’re a family that partakes in the fun and messy art of pumpkin carving, roasting the seeds for weekday lunches is a great way for your kids to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Take a page from The Easy Homestead’s book and try them with a few different spice combinations. Your little ones will take pride in what they’ve made and will hopefully be more likely to try new flavors! Oh, and that secret ingredient? Salted butter. Butter makes everything better, right?

Mummified Apples

mummy apples

Who knew all it took to make a mummy was a peeler and some mini chocolate chips? We found this super simple suggestion at Two Healthy Kitchens. Whip up some of their fairly healthy Yogurt Fruit Dip for dipping if you’re feeling extra fancy. Make sure to squeeze a little lemon juice on them before packing them up, and you’re good to go! Making kid’s lunches a snack they will remember.

Bewitching Fingers

kid fingers

Catherine McCord of Weelicious is one of our favorite busy, on-the-go moms to turn to for amazing recipes that the whole family will love. She truly knows how to make every meal fun, including Halloween lunch! Do the impossible and get your kiddos to eat some veggies with these Creepy Halloween Fingers made from carrots. Opt for rainbow carrots (purple fingers, anyone?) and pack some Black Bean Hummus to achieve maximum creepiness.

Haunted Sandwiches

ghost sandwich

We’re breaking out the cookie cutters again for our last Halloween treat! Start with your little one’s sandwich of choice, or opt for a sweet spread like Nutella to create a scary-good dessert. Then, cut away! It’s simple cute lunch ideas for kids. Enjoy the remnants as a snack for yourself. We love this idea from Better Homes & Gardens because it’s a win-win for you and your kid!

We hope you’ve found some new healthy lunch snacks for this spooky time of year! Do you have any other ideas? Let us know! Happy Halloween!

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