Keys To Planning The Perfect Road Trip

You know that summer is just around the corner because you’re starting to get that annual itch. You know, the desire to spend as much time outdoors and going on adventures instead of being stuck inside at your job or in classes. As a reward for making it through the week, why not get your best friends together or significant other to hit the road with you. Sounds fun, right? Planning the perfect road trip does take research and time.

In this blog, we will be sharing tips for planning a road trip. 

Make a Road Trip Itinerary

First things first: decide on the destination. If you only have one to two days free, our recommendation is to choose a place that is no farther than four or five hours away. After you decide where you are headed, it’s time to begin your research. Start by making a list of all of the tourist sites, hikes, outdoor activities, restaurants, museums, etc. that peak your interest. Mapping out a schedule helps you to prioritize how you want to spend your time and serves as a visualization of how busy (or laid back) your vacation will be. Remember, some of the activities on your list might require advance reservations or other forms of planning.

Leave Extra Time for Spur-Of-The-Moment Decisions

While it is a good idea to make some plans in advance, it’s important to be flexible with your agenda. Don’t be afraid of veering off course for a short period of time to take in the landscape at a vista or taste the local cuisine. Keep a map or travel apps handy to see if there are any must-see tourist destinations on your route. We’ve found that sometimes the memories that last the longest come from those spontaneous choices.

road trip breaks

Take Breaks

No matter how long your drive door-to-door is, it is crucial to take breaks from driving. Not only is this a safety precaution that protects you from tired driving (experts say it’s equivalent to drunk driving), but it also provides you with the chance to relax and enjoy the passing scenery from the car window. Even if you are adamant about being the designated driver, pull off at road stops and get out of the car. Take a few minutes to walk around outside and stretch out your body. It’s easy to forget how tense your body can get after an hour of driving. Breathe in some fresh air before buckling back in the driver’s seat. This will help to take care of both your body and mind.

Create a Great Playlist

No perfect road trip is complete without music. Come up with a list of your favorite songs (past and present) that make you happy. Listening to music helps the travel time go by quicker, and helps to prevent you from getting bored or tired. Who doesn’t enjoy singing along out loud without judgment? Also, consider adding variety to your playlist by including audiobooks to catch up on some reading or learn something new.

the perfect playlist

Bring Provisions  

Last but not least, make sure to bring snacks. This helps you to stick to a budget and ensures that you have access to the food and beverages you like the best. Bring along healthy, wholesome food options that will keep you energized and minimizes the temptation to overdo it with junk food. We’re not saying that you can’t bring along a treat such as chips or candy (it is vacation, after all!), but reach for those in moderation. Avoid sugary drinks and instead, stay hydrated with water. Easy to refill and travel with, remembering to pack your HYDAWAY Bottle will be the smartest decision for your entire road trip.

Now that you have read our suggestions on how to plan the perfect road trip, get going. Happy travels!

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