Easy Ways to Save Money at Music Festivals

It’s April, which means that Coachella and the kickoff of the rest of the festival season is right around the corner! As much as we love going to festivals, they can put a substantial dent in your wallet. Looking for ways to cut costs to try and save some cash? We have a couple of tips on how to save money at music festivals.

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Skip Wristband Prices – Get In for Free By Working.

Entrance into a festival is one of the (if not most) expensive parts of a festival experience. If you’re willing to do a little work while at the festival, why NOT get in for free? Some festivals may reach out and ask for volunteers, and in exchange, those volunteers may get some cool perks. You could then be eligible for a free campsite, free food, or free entrance into the festival.

If you’re tight on cash but willing to put in a little work, this is definitely an option to consider.

Budget Out Your Expenses

Food, water, drinks, and swag can add up VERY quickly. If you’re headed out and know you’re going to spend some money, make a budget for each day! An easy way to ensure that you stay within that budget is to only bring the money that you plan on spending for the music festival.

There are a couple of ways that you can do this!  One is to kick it old school and only bring cash with you into the festival. However, you then run the risk of losing your cash, getting pickpocketed, or being forced to use an ATM with exorbitant transaction fees.

Another option is to purchase prepaid debit cards with only the amount that you budgeted to spend during the festival. You can set them all up ahead of time and create a pin before you leave.

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Buy Your Swag Later – or Find the Free Stuff!

Buying swag is one of the best parts of festivals, but buying them early could mean a waste of money, and also space. If you buy your merch early on, most likely you’ll have to lug it around the whole day, as some don’t allow in and out privileges.

When purchasing swag, consider waiting until the last day. Many vendors will try to diminish their inventory by any means necessary, and this may mean discounting their products or even giving them away for free. However, for big festivals, you may lose the option of the best shirt or hoodie.

The other option is to completely focus on finding the free swag. A lot of vendors attend festivals in an attempt to get their names out there. Whether they’re offering innovative new products or simply offering complementary items for brand awareness, you can score some awesome necessities. Think sunscreen, hand sanitizer, fanny packs, and more. Free swag is certainly the best kind of swag.

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Find the Water Source Early On

Festivals are required to provide attendees with at least one source of clean and potable water. Find that source of water early on and fill up! Instead of purchasing single-use water bottles at food tents (and digging into your allocated budget), bring a bottle so you can easily refill on the go and a hydration backpack.

The HYDAWAY bottle is great for festivals! Pop open your bottle, fill it up at your drinking station, and clip it onto your bag or fanny pack with a carabiner. When you’re done, you can easily flatten it and store it in your bag without taking up too much space.

Before you even leave for the festival, remember to stay hydrated! You want to stay plenty hydrated in the days leading up to the festival, as it takes quite a bit of time for your body to become completely dehydrated. If you’re going to a festival in the summer, this is especially true to avoid overheating.

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Buy Flights Early and Carpool Whenever Possible

If you’re flying in from out of town to attend a festival, be sure to purchase your flights at the right time to get the best price possible. If you’re within driving distance, max out the capacity in your car and split the cost of gas.

This will help cut down on your gas and parking costs, but you’ll also reduce air pollution just by sharing a ride. There are many forums and online communities dedicated to specific festivals where you can reach out to other attendees and coordinate ride-sharing, campsites, and much more. You may even find people selling their tickets for a discounted price.

We’re excited to see all of the different festivals that you’re attending this year! If you’re attending one with your HYDAWAY Bottle, we’d love to see your pictures. Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured. Have a safe and fun festival season for all of us at HYDAWAY!

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