Packing List For Spring Break

Is the snow beginning to thaw out where you are? If it’s still a little frosty in your area, maybe it’s time to ship out and take a Spring Break where the sun’s a little brighter and warm up in the sand! We’re packing our bags and heading out of Bend for a bit – check out our packing list for spring break. Our hope is to help ensure you have the essentials to have fun.

beach walker

Comfortable (and Sustainable) Footwear

Heading to the beach means stowing away the winter boots and breaking out the sandals. We’re big fans of recycling, which is why we’re packing a pair of SOLE sandals. Made out of recycled cork material, these sandals are not only eco-friendly but they also provide podiatrist-approved arch support. No more aching feet after a long hike down to the beach plus this spring break item doesn’t take up much space.

dog with a speaker on spring break

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

What’s a day at the beach without a few jams? We love the JBL Clip 2 speaker – it’s both waterproof and versatile! Whether you’re hiking along the coast, relaxing in a tent, or even hanging out at home, you can clip this little guy on and take your tunes with you wherever you go, hands-free.

beach towel

Sand-Free Towels

While we love going to the beach, sand can be quite a hassle. This is why we love the Tesalate Beach Towel! Not only is it difficult for the sand to stick onto – it’s lightweight and ultra-absorbent, which makes getting dry a snap for us.

Hydaway bottle


Foldable Water Bottle

You may be having fun laying out in the sun and playing in the surf – but these activities can dehydrate you quickly. The HYDAWAY bottle is a perfect partner for a day out on the beach and beyond. Toss it in your beach bag and refill it before you head out to the sand!

sun screen

Sunscreen Sunscreen Sunscreen!

We cannot stress this enough! Your skin is the largest organ and heading out to the sun for long hours can cause some damage, even on overcast days. We suggest using sunscreen with SPF higher than 50 that’s both waterproof and sweatproof. Don’t forget to apply to areas that you may forget, such as the tops of your feet or your ears!

portable charger

External Battery Charger

If you didn’t take pictures of your beach trip, did it really happen? Taking pictures on your phone, listening to music, and searching for the best smoothie place to hit after the beach can take a toll on your phone’s battery. Pack an external battery charger so your phone won’t die in the middle of the perfect shot!

wet wallet

Emergency Cash

If you’re looking for a snack, but the only things available are beachside markets or small vendors, your credit cards might not be of use. Always keep about 10-20 bucks on hand in your beach bag in case of emergency. Keep it in a watertight bag along with your keys and wallet so nothing gets damaged or lost!

Are you headed out for any spring break trips soon? What’s on your packing list? We’d love to see your Spring Break getaways! Tag us on Instagram through stories and photos at @hydawaybottle. Have a fun and safe spring break from all of us at HYDAWAY!

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