It’s Time to Make a Stand Against Racism

Here at Hydaway, we have been watching, listening, and learning from our Black friends. Our hearts have felt shattered watching members of our own community live through this time in our history. 

We know it’s part of our responsibility to better serve the Black community. We stand for diversity and inclusivity in our space and we recognize that we can’t fight for our environment without fighting racism first. 

We’ve put together some educational resources, links to organizations to support and follow, and ways to donate if you are able. 

We will continue to update this page with more resources throughout the next few days. We also want to hear from our community and learn from you on how we can do better. We are all ears for feedback, insight, or even more, resources to share.


We Recommend Reading:

Intersectional Environmentalism: Why Environmental Justice Is Essential For A Sustainable Future – Leah Thomas, The Good Trade

Diversity in the Great Outdoors: Is Everyone Welcome in America’s Parks and Public Lands? Reyna Askew and Margaret A. Walls, Resources Mag

Jogging Has Always Excluded Black People – Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, The New York Times

Now Is Not the Time to Post Your Adventure Photos: Post something anti-racist instead. Better yet, do something anti-racist instead. – Gloria Liu, Outside

I’m a Black Climate Expert. Racism Derails Our Efforts to Save the Planet.Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Washington Post 

We Urge You to Register to Vote:

  • First, take the pledge. When We All Vote is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is on a mission to increase participation in every election and close the race and age voting gap.
  • You can quickly start your voter registration here:


Follow and Support These Organizations:

Follow and support organizations that promote inclusion and participation for the Black community and other minority groups – especially in the outdoor and travel industries. 

Melanin Base Camp

Melanin Base Camp is on a mission to increase the visibility of outdoorsy black, indigenous, people of color, to increase Black representation in the media, advertising and in the stories we tell ourselves about the outdoors.





> Follow Melanin Base Camp on Instagram


The Black Outdoors: 

The mission of The Black Outdoors is to increase awareness of and participation in outdoor recreational activity amongst black people and other underrepresented groups. While they focus on ensuring that the people of color have knowledge of outdoor recreation and access to nature, they welcome with open arms anyone who believes in their mission.




> Follow The Black Outdoors on Instagram 


Outdoor Afro

Outdoor Afro has become the nation’s leading, cutting-edge network that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. They help people take better care of themselves, their communities, and our planet! They are helping to lead the way for inclusion in outdoor recreation, nature, and conservation for all!





> Follow Outdoor Afro on Instagram 


Black Girls Surf

Black Girls Surf is an empowerment and development surf camp for Black girls wanting to pursue professional surfing. The organization serves as a way to bridge the gap between young girls in surf camps getting to the professional level,





> Follow Black Girls Surf on Instagram  


Urban Events Global

Urban Events Global’s vision is to cultivate a space for professional people of color to interact through organic events around the world. The development of these unique and non-traditional experiences ultimately allows participants the opportunity to relax and develop new friendships, all while in a care-free environment





> Follow Urban Events Global on Instagram


Travel Noire

Travel Noire is digital media company serving millennials of the African Diaspora. Through inspired content, we help discerning travelers, discover, plan and experience new destinations.


> Follow Travel Noire on Instagram  


Black Adventuristas

Black Adventuristas is a platform created to inspire Black women to conquer their fears, pursue their dreams, and fully experience the adventure that is life. Whether it is tackling an epic bucket list, quitting a “good” job to pursue a non-traditional career, trying a daring new hair or lipstick color, or simply dining alone for the first time, all adventures are worthwhile.




> Follow Black Adventuristas on Instagram 


Make a Donation to These Organizations:


George Floyd Memorial Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Reclaim the Block

National Bail Out

Black Lives Matter

Bail Project

Black Visions Collective

Campaign Zero 

National Bail Fund Network 

The Innocence Project

Run With Maud 

Justice for Breonna 


Sign These Petitions:


Justice for George Floyd 

Colors of Change

Justice For Breonna Taylor 

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery 




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