Ideas For Cheap Stocking Stuffers

We’re all guilty of it. You know, telling yourself you’re not going to wait until the last minute to finish up your holiday shopping. That is, until you find yourself scrambling for the perfect gifts just days before standard shipping deadlines begin to close. Well, that is why you’re reading this post, isn’t it? Not to worry, we aren’t here to judge.

In fact, we want to help you out! In this blog, you will find our favorite ideas for cheap stocking stuffers that don’t feel last minute at all.

For the Vacationerglobe trotterChances are, your jet-setting friends have just about everything they could need to take with them on their trips. So why not give them something to keep the travel vibes alive at home? A pretty globe is something they may not necessarily think to buy for themselves, but it’ll continue to inspire feelings of wanderlust through the mundane. Perhaps it’s just a hair too big to fit in a stocking, but it’s a still great gift that won’t break the bank. Grab it from Target for $14.99.

For the Little One

This one is just as much a gift for you as it is for the child whose stocking you’re filling. Classic stocking stuffers, like a game of jacks, will give you all the nostalgic feels. Most importantly, you’ll be able to watch a child discover the joy of simple toys that you loved as a kid. Win-win! This a timeless idea for cheap stocking stuffers. You can pick up these jacks for just $4.99 at   

For the Outdoor Adventurer

Outdoor adventure

You know how much we love stashable, space-saving solutions for daily life. Imagine our delight when we learned about Matador’s Pocket Blanket! It’s water-repellant, puncture-resistant, and fits in the palm of your hand. Until it’s used of course; then it expands to a 44 x 28″ blanket!  You’ll definitely want to slip this in the stocking of that person that loves to hike and enjoy the outdoors. Find it on for $19.99.

For the Gadget Lover

helpful tool

Gadget lovers can be tricky to shop for. They always seem to have every gadget and gizmo imaginable! That’s why this fun pocket tool makes the perfect stocking stuffer for them. This credit card-sized tool has 11 different functions, including a can opener, four different kinds of wrenches, and a screwdriver. An easy choice for the person who has everything! This is the perfect stocking stuffer idea for those men in your life.  Add a three-pack to your cart for $8.30 on Amazon.

For the Business Traveler

anker battery

These days, one of the worst possible things to happen on a trip is a dead phone battery. Even if you have a charger, outlets at airports are either impossible to find or someone is already using it! For the business traveler, this predicament is extra devastating. They’ll love finding a portable, cord-free charger in their stocking this year. It charges most phones and tablets up to two full charges! Coming in at only $17.99, it’s a no-brainer. Get it at

For the Busy Parent


Even if you don’t mind doing it, laundry is a time-consuming chore. For a parent, time is precious, and shouldn’t be wasted on doing laundry. That’s where dryer buddies come into play. The spikes on these dryer-safe hedgehogs help the heat to move more evenly, cutting down on energy used and drying time. These cute little guys also help to reduce static and remove wrinkles. Sounds like a parent’s dream to us! A perfect stocking idea for those busy parents. A two-pack is only $8.00 on

For the Commuter

commuter shoes

For the commuters on your list, highly functional and practical is the way to go. Comfortable shoes are an essential part of a commute – especially if that commute involves a lot of walking or subway riding. Many commuters choose to wear shoes that are comfy and can get muddy or wet, and then change into their work shoes once they reach the office. A simple shoe bag keeps their nice shoes clean and protects the rest of their bag from their (probably dirty) commuting shoes during the day. Plus, a pack of four is only $8.99 on Amazon!

For the Festival-Goer

festival kit

Although festival season is still a few months away, the music fest lover on your list will be thrilled to pull this out of their stocking. They can easily throw this fun little bag in their fanny pack and be prepared for everything throughout the day. We love this gift because it gets them excited for their next festival, and you know they’ll have all the essentials while they’re there. Head over to to get this for $14.00.

For the Fitness Buff


If you’ve ever used a gym bag, you know that the space in there is pretty valuable.These mini stretch bands are multi-functional and will fit in the pocket of any over-stuffed gym bag. The four-pack comes with bands of five different levels of resistance, which means they can be used for everything from light stretching to strength training. Snag them for $19.95 on

For Everyone


Give the gift of hydration this holiday season. So we may be just a bit biased here, but an HYDAWAY water bottle makes the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list! Collapsing down to just over an inch, our 21 oz bottle fits in just about any bag or pocket. When it’s ready to use, simply expand it and fill it with the beverage of your choice! They’re space-saving, fun, and good for the earth and your wallet. You can find them here on our website for $20.00.

In conclusion, we hope these cheap stocking stuffer gift ideas are helpful and allow you to plan the perfect last gift.

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