Tips to Help You Survive Summer Music Festivals

The sun and school are both out, vacation time is scheduled and wristbands have been purchased! It’s finally festival season and the time is now to get packing for an awesome event. Check out these festival tips to help you have a successful summer music festival season.

solar light

Go Solar

If you’re headed out to Tennessee for Bonnaroo or spending some time wandering around New York for the Governor’s Ball, the sun’s most definitely going to be out. Use the sun to your advantage! There are many different types of solar lights and battery packs that can be used to light up your festival camping site or charge your cell phone in case of emergencies. Our favorite solar lights and batteries are listed here.

glow sticks


Make Your Camp Site Stand Out

If you’re enjoying a long day’s worth of festivities, by the end of the night the rows of tents all start to look the same. Make your tent stand out! Use solar-powered twinkle lights or glow-in-the-dark bracelets to light up your tent. If you really want to personalize, make your own flag to easily spot your tent from far away.

hydaway water bottle

Bring Your Own Water

Prices for bottled water and food at festivals are STEEP (and don’t even get us started on the length of the lines!). Save the money by bringing your own water and noting all of the available water stations at the festival site. Carry an HYDAWAY water bottle in your pack, and you’ll avoid getting dehydrated from all that dancing and the heat! Bonus: a flat HYDAWAY bottle fits perfectly in a fanny pack so you’ll always have something for water when you’re wandering the festival grounds.

sun screen

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Don’t underestimate the power of the sun! Make sure you bring more than enough sunscreen, especially for the festivals out in the desert. Wear large hats or loose clothing to help protect your skin. Combat overheating and dehydration by making sure you always have plenty of water and nutrients. An easy way to replenish lost electrolytes is by adding powdered sports drinks into your bottles of water. It’s also a good idea to have a pop-up canopy or some other form of sunshade over your campsite.

The most important part about music festivals is to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves and having a good time. Avoid having any complications during your trip by following a few of these festival tips. Have a safe trip and a happy festival season for all of our festival-goers out there!

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