Tips for Creating a Fitness Routine

This is a guest blog post by Hydaway ambassador and Certified Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist Lori Krausen. Follow her on Instagram @lori.krausen for awesome fitness tips and motivation!

It’s hard enough to stay fit throughout the year, but it gets even more difficult all throughout the year. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In this blog, I will be addressing 10 tips for creating a fitness routine.

1. Find the best time to work out for YOU

Is after work best? Does getting up early to get it done help get you moving for the day? Find what works for you and block it off in your calendar. Some time is better than no time, even if it is 20 minutes.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Goal Writing for Fitness

Log your goals weekly. Sometimes goals for too long can be overwelling, however, shorter goals make it feel easier. Also, keep track of whatever your goals are, write them down, and make sure you can see them every day.

3. Limit Your Alcohol

Drinking is bad for fitness

Yes, there will always be nights out, but that doesn’t mean you need to drink at them ALL. Obviously, you don’t have to cut it out completely, but maybe just limit it to glass here and there. Alcohol is high in calories, doesn’t have any nutritional content, and definitely lowers your inhibitions. For more effects of alcohol on your fitness, click here.

4. Don’t Forget About Nutrition

Healthy food

Stock up on produce that is in season. You’re going to save money and your body is going to love you much more by shopping on the outside parts of the store (where the are no processed foods).

5. Log Foods and Workouts

Keep a journal of everything that goes in your body to keep you accountable; the same goes with workouts. If you see it on paper, you’re going to be proud (or maybe a little ashamed) of what you’ve done.

However, if pen and paper is old fashion for you check out these health and fitness apps:

6. Work Out at Home

Working out at home

What…you can do that?! Yes! You don’t have to go to the gym to work out!  You can find DVDs, stream workouts through apps, and many other ways to get awesome workouts without ever leaving your home.  It’s never been easier to get an awesome workout at home.  So on those super cold days, just keep the pajamas on, turn on the television, and get moving (because that’s all that matters)!

7. Change It Up

fitness classes

To prevent boredom (and quitting), change up your routine. Maybe try a group fitness class at the gym, stay at home for a workout, go outside on a nice walk, bring the dog out, do interval training, or just try that new, scary equipment.  Don’t quit, just do something different!

8. Bring Friends and Family Along

Bring them with you! It’s always more fun and doesn’t seem like WORK with others.  A workout doesn’t feel like something you “have to do” when you’re having fun, socializing, and enjoying it with others.

9. Drink Plenty of Water

Hydaway bottle

Even though it might be cold, don’t forget to drink your water. You don’t want to chug it during workouts, because that will give you a stomachache. Drink before and after working out and take small sips during. Bringing your Hydaway with you will make it extra easy to get all the water you need!

10. Stretch Regularly

cat stretch

Don’t forget those stretches. So many do, and that’s the most important part of a workout!  Our bodies need to stretch before and after workouts or it gets stiff.  Take a few minutes, even if it’s cold, and get your body ready for the best workout ever.

The most important fitness tip is to have fun and keep your body moving! In conclusion, staying fit doesn’t have to be hard. By following these tips creating a fitness routine can be simple. Love your body and it will love you back.


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