Summer Hiking Essentials

The sun’s starting to peek out and the snow’s just about gone, so that must mean that summer is right around the corner. If you enjoy spending time outdoors and enjoying nature as we do, you probably will be spending a lot of time this summer out on the trails and hiking.

If you are headed out for a day on the trails, we’ve created a list of the most important hiking essentials for your outdoor excursions.

hiking in the mountains

First Aid Kit

You never know what will happen out on the trails! From something as small as a splinter to a scraped knee, you should be covered for the everyday bumps and scrapes. Your kit should include antibiotic ointment, tweezers, a handful of bandages, gauze, and adhesive. This hiking essential is a must!

Nutrient-Packed Food

If you’re going to be spending the entire day out on the trails, you should definitely have the proper nutrition! Pack lots of energy-filled snacks, such as protein bars and trail mix. If you’re going on a day hike, sandwiches are a great way to fill up without busting your pack. Make sure to clean up your trash after you finish your lunch!

hiking snacks

Plenty of Water

The essential part of a great hiking day is making sure that you’re fully hydrated! Start early by getting hydrated a few days before and pack plenty of water so you have some to drink during your hike! This is especially true for the summer when the heat can make you dehydrated faster than you realize. We like to keep our HYDAWAY bottles with us on the trail to ensure that we stay hydrated on those especially hot days!

Sun Protection

If you’re hiking at a high elevation, this is absolutely crucial! Protecting your skin from harsh UV rays is important, especially in the summer. Not only does it prevent you from getting a sunburn, but it also helps to protect against skin cancer in the future. Light long-sleeve clothing, hats, and sunscreen are your skin’s best friend for long summer hikes!

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Handkerchief, Bandana or Towel

This is a really handy a versatile thing to have while you’re on a hike. If one of your trail mates is starting to get a little too hot, pour some water on a handkerchief and wrap it around their neck to help cool them down. Someone has a huge cut or gash that your first-aid kit can’t help? Your handkerchief or towel can be used in a pinch, thus making a hiking essiental.

Adhesive Moleskin

Long socks are a must for your hiking boots, but if you’re prone to blisters, having moleskin or blister bandages on hand is crucial to making it through long hikes. You don’t want to turn around after only a mile because of a horrible blister, so it’s a good idea to keep some handy just in case.


Emergency Signals

Flashlights, whistles, and signal mirrors are always good to have on a hike just in case of extreme emergencies. If you’re out hiking around sunset, having adequate light is important to find your way back. Flashlights and headlamps are a great thing to have, and when used in combination with whistles and signal mirrors, can really help get you out of a sticky situation if trouble does arise.

We love heading outdoors for the summer and we want to help ensure that you’re safe and secure when out on the trail. If you’re heading outdoors with your HYDAWAY, be sure to take pictures with us by using the #HYDAWAY hashtag! Happy hiking!

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