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Travel Workouts: Three Ways to Stay Fit Away From Home

Half the battle of staying in shape is having a plan and being consistent. Whether you’re on a week-long business trip with packed schedules or taking a holiday with friends exploring a new city, read on for creative tips to stay fit and have fun while on the road.

Pack the right attitude

Sticking with any fitness routine starts with bringing a determined and actionable mindset to your workouts. Decide what the right amount of exercise is for your trip, remembering to be realistic with what you can accomplish and also not forget your priorities. If you’re vacationing. make sure you’re not losing sight of that and for the business travelers, build workout goals and times that don’t impede on your work obligations. With a realistic and attainable plan, it’s easier to hold yourself accountable.

Equipment Optional – Body Weight Exercises

Grabbing a quick workout at your hotel gym is always an easy option, but there are plenty of other ways to burn some calories and get your blood pumping that require no equipment at all.

  • Design a mini HIIT circuit right in your hotel room. High Intensity Interval Training workouts are popular and for good reason. They’re efficient, involve cardio and strength, and keep things interesting. Example Circuit = 10 squats, 10 pushups, 10 jumps (onto your hotel ottoman or over your suitcase placed strategically), 10 crunches and 10 suitcase overhead presses. Rest 2 min, and repeat the circuit 4x.
  • Burpees – This classic exercise involves cardio, strength and pure gut-busting intensity if you can crank out 100 of them for a quick workout.

Get Outside and Be Social

  • Hire a local trainer or find a gym with drop-in sessions. You’ll be meeting new people and force yourself to get out of your room and hotel if having some  social motivation fuels you.
  • Try a new activity and hire a local guide. Check local event calendars and search meet up groups. You could discover a new hobby or passion and make some friends along the way.

Explore Your Surroundings and Tap Into Technology  

Chances are you’re in a new city or place for a reason. Check out what it has to offer. Dig into the culture and don’t forget about that phone in your pocket.

  • Plan a walking route through local parks or places of interest. You’d be surprised how many calories you can burn walking to your next destination instead of grabbing a ride-share. Many cities have bike rental programs that you can grab-n-go and return them all over the city.
  • Stream a free yoga, pilates or strength training class from your phone or laptop. Outside or inside, anytime, anywhere.

Overall, be creative, have fun and give these a try. Got some ideas of your own? Tag us on social with you travel workout hacks and tips.

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