6 Tips for Staying Warm on a Snow Day

Winter is in full swing, and it is COLD! For some parts of the country, that means major snow days. If you’re headed outside to spend some time in cold weather, we have some tips to make sure your day in the snow is a success: 

  1.  Stock up on hand warmers

hand warmers

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These handy little guys are great ways to keep warm without too much bulk. These activate as soon as you expose them to the outside air. Slip them in an inner pocket of your coat or inside the palm of your gloves. Your fingers and toes may be the most vulnerable, so make sure to keep them warm out in the snow. Be careful though, they can get pretty hot making them a snow day must.

These are also pretty easy to make yourself!

  1.   Use special winter weather lip balm

taking care of her lips

The harsh winter air can put a damper on things by really drying out your skin. One of the most painful is winter chapped lips. Prevent this from happening by using extreme weather lip balm. Going for a brand that provides SPF protection is a great idea, especially since snow can reflect up to 80% of harmful UV rays.

Another way to prevent chapped lips is to stay hydrated. Speaking of…

  1.   Drink plenty of water

Winter hydaway

Did you know you lose just as much fluid in the winter as you do when you’re out in the summer? This is because your body is using all of that liquid to help your body stay warm in colder temperatures. Make sure to drink plenty of water before going out in the snow, and drink water throughout the day.

The HYDAWAY collapsible bottle is a great way to keep water with you on a snow day. When empty, it’s slim enough to fit in an inner pocket of a jacket and expands to fit a full 21 ounces. This is tremendously handy for those who take breaks in the lodge between ski runs to rehydrate and recharge.

  1.   Wear a hat 

snow day with the family

One of the easiest ways to keep your body temperature up is to wear a hat! Almost 50% of our body heat escapes through our head, so why not trap it with a cute cozy hat or headband?

Some hats have pockets on the outside, and if your ears are really cold, you can slip one of those hand warmers in there to get your body extra toasty on a snow day.

  1.   Eat snacks during the day

eating snacks

 Extreme weather like snow days can cause your body to exert more energy than usual so making sure it has plenty of energy throughout the day is important. Eat foods that are high in protein and carbs to keep your body going! Beef jerky and granola bars are great snacks to carry with you when you’re out in the snow.

If it’s really cold, chewy granola bars might get stiff out in the weather. Chop up the bars and toss them in a small, insulated to-go coffee mug. Then throw it in your bag and use it to snack throughout the day.

  1. Tuck your snow pants into your boots

shelving snow

Some people may think that pulling your pants over your boots will keep the snow out, but with a lot of movement, those pant legs can slide up and let the cold in. But, tucking your pant legs into your boots is a lot like tucking your shirt into the top of your pants. This will keep cold air and snow out while you’re out and about.

If you have enough room in your boots, throw a hand warmer in the toes to keep your feet toasty during the day.

Whether you’re out snowboarding, sledding, or shoveling snow, it’s important to stay warm and hydrated throughout the cold winter season. Bundle up and get out there!

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