Welcome Back to School: Parenting Guide

Summer flew by in the blink of an eye and here we are, gearing up for welcoming your kids back to school. Which means shopping for school supplies, new clothes, and of course, new gear. So you can send your child off to school ready and prepared!

In this blog you find a welcome back to school parenting guide with tips for you:

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Organize Outfits Ahead of Time

Take the decision-making process out of the equation if you often have busy mornings! If you have indecisive kids, this is a perfect way to save some time and avoid fussing early in the morning. Now they’ll have more time to eat a healthy breakfast while you pack their lunch. Nothing says welcome back like having your kids feel fresh.

school lunch box for kids with food in the form of funny faces. the toning. selective focus

Create Lunchbox Packing Stations

Prepare easy to grab items like pre-made frozen PB&J sandwiches, fruit cups, and snack bags to cut down on the time it takes you to pack up lunch each morning. You can choose from pre-made options and cut out the decision-making process of what to eat for that day. Some of our favorite lunch simple lunches can be found here.


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Use Water bottles as Ice Packs

Freeze your kid’s water bottle overnight so you can use it as an ice pack as well as a water bottle! The new HYDAWAY kids bottle is a great option. Once all the water is gone, it flattens down to only 1” thick to easily fit in your kid’s backpack or lunch box. To freeze your HYDAWAY bottle, make sure to freeze it with the lid off and don’t fill it to the top, as the water expands when frozen. This is great for keeping their sandwiches and other items cold.


Create a Homework Caddy for On-The-Go

Do your kids have a busy schedule? Make an on-the-go study buddy out of an old shower caddy! Add everything your kids may need, like extra paper, colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and a clipboard in there so that they can grab it and go. Not only is it great for doing work on the go, but it’s a great way to organize all of their materials even when studying at home. Nothing says welcome back like a kit with everything in it.

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Source: KiwiCo

Establish a Homework Schedule – and Stick To It!

After a long day at school, your kids will probably want to hang out a little bit by watching television or playing video games. Instead, provide a homework schedule for them to make sure that all their work is done before they can relax. This will help instill good study habits early on. This can also help your kids keep a regular sleep schedule, which can be a challenge after transitioning from summer vacation back to school. This fun DIY After School Routine Clock by KiwiCo is great a way to keep track of homework time.

The school year is back in swing and we know it’s going to be a busy time for all of those in the household. We hope a couple of these tips can help you get back into the swing of things and get your school year started off right. Have a great year, from all of us at HYDAWAY, and welcome back!


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