How to Improve Your Self Confidence

This is a guest blog post by Hydaway Ambassador and health coach, Lori Krausen. Follow her on Instagram @lorikrausenfitness.

We all have those days that seem a little “worse” than others, don’t we? You know what I’m talking about. The ones where our hair just doesn’t look right or we think we can’t do something as good as the next person. Why do we always seem to judge ourselves based on what the person next to us is doing?  Yes, that’s where those social norms come in – what society has taught us to do. I am here to help you to learn how to increase your self-confidence!

1.  Positive thinking

If you have positive thoughts, that will help you throughout your entire day!  This can include mantras: “I am awesome!” “I got this!”  “I am strong.  I am beautiful.  I am enough.”  You get the idea. A great way to do this is by starting the day with a motivational speech, podcast, meditation.

Confidence is Key

2.  Celebrate wins – big and small

Take time to celebrate things in life, whether they are big or small wins.  You aced a test, you received a promotion, or even if it’s for something such as making it out of the door in time for work…celebrate it! It’s important to recognize all the goods, a good way to do this is by writing daily what you are grateful for.

3.  Smile

Smiling goes a long way.  Not only does this help you feel better (without even realizing it), but it helps those around you.  Smiling is contagious. Also, who doesn’t love smiling at random people.

4.  Good hygiene

Self Care

This one may seem pretty simple, but sometimes when you aren’t feeling the greatest, little things get lost.  When you take care of yourself, you feel better about yourself. So take a long shower or enjoy a face mask, take time for self-care. You will feel better. 

5.  Random acts of kindness

Do something for someone else.  By helping out someone else, it can help to make you feel better.  I know, I know…this shouldn’t be the reason you do this, but it doesn’t hurt.  Also, people on the receiving end of those acts usually go forward and do an act for someone else. This could be as simple as holding the door for someone or asking some how their day is going. It’s sometimes the little things that make an impact.

6.  Learn something new

Have something in your mind you want to try – guitar, run a 5K, knit – learn how to do it.  By learning how to do something new, you will boost that self-confidence. Also having a passion project is a way to stay inspired and helps give your life purpose.

7.  Write out your goals

Goal review

By writing out your goals (and keeping them near you) you will be able to work on achieving them.  If you include not only your long-term goals but also short-term goals, you will be able to mark them off more quickly and see progress.  Seeing this progress will definitely make you realize you are achieving things you’re setting out to do. It’s all about manifesting.

8.  Create boundaries

We all have toxic people in our lives.  By setting boundaries, although very difficult, helps to avoid negative energy that’s not needed.  When we try to surround ourselves with those that are positive and uplifting, it helps our mental state a lot.

9.  Declutter

Having a lot of clutter creates anxiety in your life.  By getting rid of things and organizing what you do have, you will definitely be much happier.  Being happier automatically boosts self-confidence. Check out The Minimalists Podcast for tips on how to do this.

10.  Exercise

Working out increases confidence

It does not matter how much or how little you exercise – any amount helps.  You know what Elle Woods says, “Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.” 

We all want to be self-confident in our lives – it helps us to be more successful.  We must have this confidence in order to overcome obstacles and goals in our lives.  It helps us to be more productive and to make the right decisions.  Of course, being more self-confident also makes us a bit more attractive, and don’t we all want that?  Don’t let society tell you who to be…enjoy your life!

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